Overview: Transfer money to your own accounts

The use case for this guide is when you (the merchant) would like to withdraw funds from your Kopo Kopo account to one of your settlement accounts. Your accounts could be bank accounts or mobile wallets that you own and a pre-registered in your Kopo Kopo account. In this guide, we’ll cover the key points of transferring money to your accounts:

  • Create a Settlement Account that will receive the transfer
  • List all your existing Settlement Accounts
  • Perform a blind transfer to your tills’ preferred settlement destinations
  • Perform a transfer by specifying the destination settlement account

Before you begin

You need to have a Sandbox account already set up.

Settlement Accounts

To transfer funds to your accounts, you must have added nominated accounts (bank accounts or mobile wallets) in your Kopo Kopo merchant account where funds can be transferred to.

You can assign your Kopo Kopo merchant account a preferred transfer destination. You can also assign each one of your Tills a Preferred settlement account and this will always override the setting at the merchant account level. At transfer time, you can chose to override the preferred settings and specify a different settlement account as the destination of your funds.