Overview: Receive money from your users/customers

This guide covers the various ways in which you can receive payments from your users or customers via the Kopo Kopo API

  • Receive payments from your users or customers via STK push
  • Check the status of a previously initiated payment

Before you begin

You need to have a Sandbox account.

To initiate an STK Push request in the production environment, you require an Online Payments account. To create one reach out to Kopo Kopo API support through or and request for one. The Online Payments Account provides the till number needed for making STK requests. This is an internal till number created at Kopo Kopo and is NOT a till number created on the Safaricom platform.

Please Note

Customers making payments to an Online Payments account will receive an STK Push prompt on their phone asking them to authorize the payment to Merchant Payments via Kopo Kopo. They should be trained to accept the payment. Internally, Kopo Kopo will be able to determine which till (Online Payment account) to credit the funds to.

Next step: Receive money from M-PESA users via STK push

Receiving money from your users or customers paying you via M-PESA is easy. Your application will need to forward the subscriber information and the amount to be debited to the Kopo Kopo API.